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Two Craft Wines, One Theme. Comprehensive Tasting Kit

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We developed the taste-off to give you an immersive vineyard experience at home and build your palate:

1. Two Wines, One Theme (Pinot Noir, Burgundy…) 2. Only fine craft wines (rated 90+ by experts) 3. Comprehensive Tasting Kit (with even videos of the winemakers)

This Month's Taste-Off: Pinot Noir

Pommard (Burgundy): One of Burgundy red most prestigious appellation, well known for its red fruit concentration but also its floral white rose aroma

Sancerre (Loire Valley): have you ever tried a Red Sancerre? this beautiful delicate Pinot Noir is far more difficult to find the white

Our mission and why we co-founded Blason Louis

"Make French fine wines accessible, fun and non-intimidating. Defend small artesan winemakers in a country dominated by big industrial brands."

Jean (St Victoire winemaker) - on why he uses horses to plough his vineyard

We were sad a lot of the best craft winemakers could not export their wines to the US simply because few importers want to deal with small batch producers.

For you, we also made two of these boutique wines (typically worth $50+) accessible under $20! How?

First we hooked you up straight to the vineyard not through a system with three middlemen. 

Second we use beautiful single- glass packaging so you don't kill your wallet sampling them (you can always buy the full bottle later)

Our Selection Process, what Michelin star chefs have to say

Only artisan winemakers making single vineyard wines Traditional, organic, and biodynamic grape growing Small batch production typically unavailable in the US

Louis-Philippe Vaillant - Chef at Loiseau des Ducs*

Seductive Santenay

Chef Louis-Philippe Vigilant from Loiseau des Ducs in Dijon waxes poetic about our Santenay, one of this month's featured wines. Thanks Chef Vigilant! Cheers. #yourfrenchwineconnection #chardonnay #septembersantenay

Posted by Blason Louis on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Arnaud Lahrer. - France's best artesan chocolate maker 

Arthur Fevre – Pastry Chef Le Pressoir d'Argent **

Sylvester Wahid - Chef at The Thoumieux **

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You Might Be Wondering...

What am I really commiting too?  

We would love to get you addicted to our French wine and become ambassadors of our small winemakers.  

But if this is not for you or you do not like the wine, simply log on to your profile and update your preferences to unsubscribe.

How much does this cost after the initial $1 trial period?

For the Duo Box (one of each wine/ 2 flacons), it's $15.90 per month for 12 months, $19.90 per month for 6 months or $24.90.

For the Couples Box (two of each wine/ 4 flacons), it's $25.90 per month for 12 months, or $29.90 per month for 6 months or $36.90.

How do you guarantee bargain prices?  

Traditionally, your local wine store buys from a state wholesaler, who buys from a national importer who bought from a French broker, who buys from the winemaker… Phew!  

We ship straight from the source. We pay our winemakers more and charge you less! Genius.

Why do you use flacons?

Try don’t buy- don’t empty your wallet on a full bottle before you’ve tried a glass.

Taste without waste- try a glass without wasting a bottle. The facon patented technology conserves all the aromas (exactly the same a a bottle).

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